To try and inspire 💪🏽

My aim is to try and inspire you all! I want to inspire you to eat and cook healthy meals from scratch and show you that with the right ingredients in your kitchen and by planning what you eat you can lead a healthy diet and lifestyle.

I’m not a dietician or nutritionist nor am any kind of expert, everyone’s body is different, but here are a few tips which I fully embrace and have helped contribute to a happier and healthier me:

  • Weekly grocery shop – I do this because I find it easier than buying items as when needed. Saturday’s are my weekly grocery shop day and on most occasions l know what I am planning to eat for lunch during the week and what dinners I will be cooking. This saves me so much time during the week and keeps me organised.
  • Food prep Sunday – make Sunday’s productive, use the morning to put together your lunch for the week ahead at work. This might be as simple as a leafy salad, or a pasta salad, maybe even a batch of stir fry – a great way to save money! Whilst you are food prepping, marinate that chicken breast that you’re going to grill on Tuesday for your chicken fajitas. Or make that tomato sauce for Monday so when you get home you just need to boil some pasta!
  • Plan your meals – planning your meals stops you from binge eating. From breakfast through to dinner, plan what you are going to eat. Make it something exciting so you look forward to the meal ahead, this will stop you from snacking unnessarily and you’ll find you ‘save yourself’ for the next meal
  • Drink water – I cannot emphasise this one enough. Drinking water is so important in keeping your body functional. Keep a bottle at your desk or a glass full on the coffee table whilst watching TV. If you struggle drinking plain water try infusing it with fruit.
  • Healthy snacking – Snack on fruit and nuts. Keep a tub of mixed nuts at work for when you feel peckish. I just love fruit – any kind and I could eat it all day. I take up to 4 pieces of fruit with me to work everyday and my fridge is always full of berries (especially in the summer). Berries are great for snacking, they satisfy hunger and beat sweet cravings.
  • Eat whatever you want – this may seem like a strange tip after everything you have just read but I honestly do not believe in restricting what you eat. If you feel like snacking on a bag of crisps then you should do just that – but try putting a handful in a bowl and sealing the packet to avoid over eating. Everything in moderation is key to a healthy lifestyle. Cheat meals are just fine but cheat days are a step in the wrong direction.
  • Avoid fad diets – if you’re trying to lose weight dieting is not the way to do it. Change your habits and your lifestyle. You’ll often find that going on a diet and following a strict food regime is a lot of effort and you do not enjoy it – why should you put yourself through that misery? Make small changes to your lifestyle and you’ll start noticing a difference.

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