Clementine, yogurt and chia seed breakfast pudding 


1 clementine

3 tbsp natural Greek yogurt

1 tbsp chia seeds

Almond milk for soaking


Mixed chopped nuts

Vanilla essence
Soak the chia seeds in almond milk and a drop of vanilla essence overnight or atleast a couple of hours before eating.

Tip: chia seeds grow to the liquid surrounding it and form a gel like consistency. You can never have too much milk but pour enough to atleast the cover the seeds and you can always add more after.

Peel and segment the clementine and cut the segments lengthways so they open into flat rounds. Stick these to the sides of your glass (if you want to be fancy).

Add the yogurt followed by drizzles of honey and then pour the chia seeds on top, they will just float on top of the yogurt.

Finish off with a sprinkle of mixed nuts and your ready for breakfast!

This recipe can be varied in so many ways

  • Swap the yogurt and chia round so you have more chia pudding and just a topping of yogurt
  • Mix berries into your yogurt
  • Add muesli on top instead of nuts
  • Puree some fruit and have this as a topping
  • Have it for dessert by mixing cacoa powder and dark chocolate shavings
  • Add desiccated coconut

I could go on! I think you get the idea – below are some of the ways I tend to have them for breakfast

Almond milk chia pudding, yogurt, strawberry and blackberry puree, passion fruit and walnuts
Yogurt, almond milk chia, chopped mixed berries and cherries
Dorset cereals nutty museli, chia, yogurt and indian mango pulp
Recipe as above